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Pro Medical CRM Berlin is an individual enterprise.

Dr. Sigrid Amann is offering services in


Business Development &

Customer Relationship Management&

Independent Study Monitoring of OECD in vivo tests 


to Clinical / Contract Research Organisations/ Service Providers and Sponsors. 

The prime purpose of this business is to provide Research and Development Services delivered by co-operating service providers to Sponsors regarding




2. Pre-Clinical Development Tests GLP/ non-GLP and Regulatory Services


  • in vivo tests /OECD

  • in vitro tests /OECD

  • Phys-chem Tests 

3. Clinical Trials (V) ICH-GCP - Phases I-IV 

    providing full service or partial project support for


  • monitoring

  • data management & statistics

  • pharmacovigilance

  • medical writing 

4. Regulatory Affairs 


5. Electron-Microscopical Services

    providing services regarding


  • Proof of efficacy: Doubt Free and timely proof of efficacy of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics on the barrier lipids of the skin by means of an innovative, non-invasive technology
  •  Nanoparticle rapid analysis
  • Sophisticated virus and pathogen diagnostics 

  • Studies with imaging techniques

  • Proof of the efficacy of hair care products

  • 3-D- skin model- proof of efficacy, penetration, wound healing

  • Anti-Pollution Tests  

  • Microbiom for proof of efficacy or claim support

  • Quantitative determination of collagen (III and IV) via suction cap bubble technology

in human as well as in animal healthcare & chemical industry. 



6. Study Monitoring of OECD in vivo tests


  • Sigrid Amann provides independent study monitoring of OECD in vivo tests  


Sponsors and Clinical / Contract Research Organisations (CROs) are welcome to request my services.







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Dr. Sigrid Amann, PhD