About Dr. Sigrid Amann

Sigrid Amann is an experienced expert in clinical & preclinical trial acquisition and customer relationship management.


As former Head of Business Development and Customer Relationship Management at a CRO Sigrid Amann has been responsible for the entire process chain, from acquisition and tendering to Phase I-IV service management. This also included monitoring, data management & statistics, pharmacovigilance and medical writing for medicinal products and medical devices.


Other areas of extensive experience in the field of research & development services for chemicals, pesticides and prescription drugs are:


  • establishment and maintenance of existing customer relations

  • development of new customer acquisition strategies

  • study monitoring of OECD in vivo studies


Sigrid Amann has developed business units within the CRO, heading those operationally and strategically according to market demand, hereby capitalizing on business opportunities.


Project requirements resulted in an interdisciplinary approach considering the interest of  a number of key stakeholders from executive board level to control/ marketing and clinical departments, with a view to effectively manage customer needs.


Sigrid Amann has gained substantial experiences in sales, procurement and corresponding contract development and negotiations at large international and smaller enterprises (e.g. Bayer AG, Astellas Pharma GmbH and local medium sized CRO).



Sigrid Amann lives in Berlin. She holds a PhD in veterinary medicine obtained at Schering AG / Freie Universität Berlin. Happily married with two children, Sigrid Amann is passionate about efficiently, empathically and productively organising not only her family life but also her business endeavors, equipped with vital power, open-minded dedication and reliable performance skills. 





Dr Sigrid Amann, PhD